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Azure AD: Update User

Offer the ability to update ALL user information such as City, State, Zip, etc.

Status: New
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Expanding what could be done to even activating services such as MFA would be useful. If not through this connector then have a separate connector that would do the same thing. The alternative is to use PowerShell through Power Apps which is not as clean.

New Member

To clarify CHRGOL9743's request, we would like to use Power Automate to update City, State, Zip, etc. in Azure using fields from Dynamics 365 however the current connector does not allow you to connect to those Azure fields. 

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Would the trigger for this be when a record is updated in Dynamics 365? 

If that is the case are you trying to keep Azure AD an Dynamics records synchronized?

If that is the case if there is not a cleaner method than using a Flow. If there is not there really should be since I do not think Flow has that much admin functionality to it yet.