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Azure DevOps Trigger on State Change When Work Item is Updated

I would like a way to trigger my Flow based solely on the State change within Azure DevOps.


I have a Flow that sends an email when a work item is updated in Azure DevOps. The limitation currently is that the trigger "When a work item is updated" has a Condition of "State = Needs Sizing". There is no way currently to trigger the Flow based solely on the State change value. As it currently operates, any work item that has a State of "Needs Sizing" will generate an email, even if the State value was not modified upon that particular save. This has caused several unnecessary emails to be sent, as any modifications to a work item in that state trigger the Flow to run, regardless of whether the State was modified at all.

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Agreed & voted for this idea 🙂

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This seems like such an obviously basic need.  +1

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Can't really understand how this isn't already included given that the Azure DevOps connector is a Premium one.  I too wish to send an email when a specific State Change occurs (rather than any change to a WIT in a specific state).


I have worked around this by creating a query which pulls in WITs with State = X and StateChangeDate = Today then I have a flow that pulls in that query and sends out the notifications at the end of the day.


It's not perfect and if something gets changed to State X after my Flow has run it will be missed. 

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Ideally we would have access to values before and after updates so that we can put conditions on any changes to a specific field. A little bit like you'd have on a database update trigger where you can get values before and after and put conditions around those.


i have the same need.  trying to work around it by checking "State Change Date" to current date time