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Azure Information Protection Connector

We are in a need to have Azure Information Protection connector, which could be able to:


  1. Apply a label on any document stored in OneDrive for Business or in SharePoint Online library.
  2. Get a label (and other classification metadata) from a document stored in OneDrive for Business or in SharePoint Online library.
  3. Trigger a flow when label (classification) of a document stored in OneDrive for Business or in SharePoint Online library has changed.


If a dedicated connector is not feasible, it could be also implemented as additional actions/triggers to existing connectors (OneDrive for Business, SharePoint).


Examples of use cases:

  • Automated Cloud flow => When a new document is uploaded into SharePoint library, apply a default label on this document.
  • Instant Cloud flow => Get all documents from SharePoint library (or OneDrive folder), check its classification (labels) and make an export to Excel/CSV (for reporting purposes)
  • Scheduled Cloud flow => on weekly bases get all documents from specific location and check its label if label is missing on some documents then send notification to document owner


Thank you in advance

Status: New
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@MiroH Thank you for writing up this idea in a clear and compelling fashion. I hope the idea gets more attention and votes as I'd really like to see this functionality available in Power Automate.

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Another use cases, which would require probably AIP/MIP capabilities built into existing connectors:

  • When sending email apply label to it (when sending email from my mailbox or from shared mailbox)
  • When receive email with specific label perform some action (e.g. send me mobile notification)
  • When email with attachments received, store attachments from the email in inbox into different locations conditionally based on the labels applied to the documents
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Such native connector from Microsoft would be a great offering. It will definitely gives more automation flexibility and value compared to predefined Auto labelling policies (server side) from compliance center or executing poweshell script based sensitivity labelling approach using admin/service accounts.

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I agree with this. We need this feature in one way of another.