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BUG: SQL Server connector breaking the Flow editor UI and not showing up in Dynamic Values

I've added a trigger, then a SQL Server query, and then a Parse JSON which I intend to use on the query results.


If Experimental Features are ON, clicking the dynamic values button in Parse JSON immediately breaks that component, and I can neither open it nor delete it.


If Experimental Features are OFF, the SQL Server results are not available in dynamic values, but I can type the "outputs(..." value by hand in the formulas textbox, and it will run.


In both cases, one of the SQL Server connections intermittently appears broken. It is not, and if I go to the actual Data/Connections page, it always says it is working - it's just that every few clicks the SQL Server action block throws up an error and says one of them isn't working. It's always the same one, and not the one that's actually selected in this case.

parse json error.gif

Status: New