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Battery power level trigger

To be abel to start a task on power level would be realy useful.


As exampel:

On e.g. 15% you'r phone will activate roaming if outlook have a send queue and ingore to send mail with atatchment.


On e.g. 15% you'r phone will turn of Bluetoth if no devise is conected.


On 15:00 e.g. messenger will start if battery level is over 50 %

Status: New
New Member

I'm also looking for something like this and actually found out about Flow because IFTTT also lacks this capability for Windows devices. With Android and iOS apps we can get battery level information and trigger off of it, but so far there's no capability with any logic service that will handle battery levels for Windows devices.


A sample use case is I live in a chosen family community of 7 adults and we use Slack to stay in touch and collaborate on things like shopping lists, maintenance/repairs scheduling, etc. We are playing with automating most of our home and some rooms, like our entryway and kitchen, have dedicated wall mounted tablets. The android tablets can alert all of us on Slack when the battery is low with a basic IFTTT recipe, as does our Ring video doorbell and our Kevo automatic deadbolt. But our Windows tablet? Dies all the time when the cat decides to play with the charging cable or someone borrows it to plug in a phone. And that tablet happens to act as our doorbell chime on occasion, and for a while was also our print server. So it's a super bummer if it has died and nobody knows.

Why is it that Windows tablets are the only devices that I cannot trigger based on battery level? It's just silly.