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Being abel to pick "To" field from dynamic data when sending from shared mailbox

When I use the conntector "Send an email V2" I can choose who is going to recieve the mail from dynamic data. I want the same posibility when I use the "Send an email from a shared mailbox V2"


Status: New
Advocate II

Adding my voice to this - this action is severely limited without being able to use dynamic content in the To: field. We try to send emails from a shared 'Flow' (will change to Power Automate soon!) mailbox rather than from individual user mailboxes, but if you can't change dynamically who you send to we're kind of stumped...

Advocate I

I have actually learned, since I posted this idea, that the functionality is there! It is a small icon on the right site of the "To" field. If you click it, you can put in dynamic content. The functionality is fearly new. But what I don't know is how I can delete this idea...hehe. 

Advocate II

I also discovered this after I posted my comment and voted your idea up! Thanks.