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Being able to get approval response even if approval times out

In the situation where there are multiple people assigned to approval and some of them approve while others don't and the approval timeout, then we don't get any response from which we can tell who's approved and who's not and because of that when we restart the process we also have to reassign the approval to people who have already approved which is very bad user experience, we can't ask ask users to approve something multiple times. There is no way of knowing who approved before the approval timed out.


similar idea:

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Hi @dmoorjmalani 


one way to work around this is to save the response to the approval in a list and then you can refer back to that list if you restart the flow after a timeout. We have done this with a flow of about 5 approvers, it does make the flow quite big but does what you need it to. 


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@Jambo1 this is the case with such approvals where approvals are assigned to multiple people and every one of them must approve. Your suggestion would work only with approvals that are assigned to a single person and go out sequentially and then we would be able to make entries in the list when the we receive the approvals or and then take it forward with the remaining approvers. But with the approvals that go out simultenously it is not going to work and so that has made me open up this suggesion. Anyways, as a workaround i restored to sending out approvals sequentially, one approver at a time and then record who has approved and who are remaining approvers.