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Being able to print a Flow (or Logic App)

When a Flow (or Logic App) gets complex, with a lot of conditions and loops, it can be difficult to keep a good overview of all the 'branches'.

It would be cool if you could print the overall flow (in A3-format perhaps) so you can keep a good view about the cyclomatic complexity. Not every detail should be viewable (=e.g. all the properties of an action), just the tiles and their titles.

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Was searching on this exact topic and found your post. Upvote from me... Found myself in this situation this week and ended up going to a boardroom just to look at it on a larger screen. Oh how I could print this off.

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I currently use photoshop to do this, a print option would be nice.

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Count me in! A print or visualisation optiom would be great!

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Yes... This is much needed!!!

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I concur.

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I agree A PDF or so will even better  so it can be saved for documentation

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I'd love to be able to print

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much needed for documentation purposes

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I agree....My larger flows are dificult to review or document in Operating Procedures, without a print or export option. 

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Agreed. Need a way to print the flows.