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Better DateTime and Timestamp support

Right now, support for basic time and date operations is quite poor.  For example:

  • Scheduling a recurrent flow requires using a specific formatted date string (which is required to end with the 'Z' character, even though the RFC spec allows for other timezone characters). 
  • There's no support for computing Date Differences (ex: weeks from today). 
  • We have separate methods for Add Days and Subtract Days, and using negative integer values is disallowed in each.  This limitation is undocumented, silly, and even the Flow Checker is unaware of this limitation - leading to more failed flows.
  • With few exceptions, there's limited/no support for primitive time units (ex: '1s" = 1 second) 
  • Passing datetimes from one action to the next may require casting to a string and re-formatting the time sting because there's not common datetime object that can be used/shared by your ecosystem of actions/extenders


In the latest flow I built - this cost me 30-40 iterations/tests to fix mostly through custom experessions that used overly-hacky string manipulations and custom parsing.  In your leading competitor products, this pain simply doesn't exist.  We need better date-time support that is consistent across actions from all your supported app integrations.

Status: New
Advocate II
Advocate II

There are multiple issues with the way that they implemented the ODATA stuff. Please consider voting for this idea as well: