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Better Rich Text / HTML editor in flow actions like the email action

Sending emails with Flow is really useful. However, composing good looking emails with dynamic content is really difficult and tedious. The current UI experience here is really terrible. Microsoft - please consider the following improvements:


  1. Add a better and more modern Rich Text / HTML editor to flow actions where needed. For example all actions for sending emails. Here we need a better experience for authoring the email body.
  2. Allow authors to copy and paste HTML content including tags for dynamic content. This would allow for using an external editor.
  3. Allow authors to edit text as Rich Text and as HTML source.


Status: Planned

I currently have a customer with 50K seats that is migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365.  They consider lack of rich text editing in Flow a blocker for 25K of their users.  Please consider making this a high priority.

New Member

Yesterday I worked together with a customer with great fun on a Flow to send an update from a SharePoint list modified item to a channel in Microsoft Teams.
It would be great to create a text with rich text possibilities instead of only plain text.
Now this looks to basic for the customer because other 'workflow' tools already have these rich text features.

Would also be great to direct create a mention to a team member with a mention (@) in a smart way directly from Flow.

Any updates on this possibility? 🙂

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Advocate I
Advocate I

I see that this status was changed to planned in June. I am trying to automate an email to clients that has our consistent html email formatting complete with logo, design images from webserver and flowed data from SQL please support rich html including css and div's

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  1. There are many occasiosn when using conditions when you send very similar emails.  You cannot copy and paste the body from one email to another in flow.  Please enable copy and paste between flow emails.
  2. There is also no method of adding a hyperlink, currently required to use an HREF with HTML enabled.
  3. A rich text editor like the one being used here would be fantastic!
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Formatting flow emails is not fun and time consuming. Current UI experience is time consuming. Being able to add rich text to Flow emails to format them properly would save a lot of time and trouble. Any idea when this will be added?


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Agreed here. I do my HTML work outside of Flow and then paste in since HTML is supported. However, I just want to stay in Flow and not have to more to 3rd Party.

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This would be very nice to have!  We use the same flow for a few different scenarios, which basically emails the employee a response a survey confirming what they said was accurate.  It's just a plain text email, which doesn't really look all that great as some of the fields don't line up properly.


I don't know HTML so having a rich text editor would be perfect. Please make this happen.

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In my company we send apprval emails. Unfortunately there is no cotrol on email ofrmat and it uses Markdown wich is very limited. The emails look like phishing email and we cannot change the "Microsoft Flow" display name as well. For that the project is put on hold and the application could not go live 

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It has been PLANNED for more than a year. Any idea when this will be released?