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Better filtering and export options in Run history

If you want to troubleshoot problems related to a Power Automate flow that is failing or just want to get an overview of how many flows was executed succesfully within a time frame the options are very limited. Currently you can open the Run History screen which only provides the option to filter on status. And it only shows 100 runs. If you want to view more you have to click Show more (sometime many many many times before you get the full list). That can be rather problematic if you have many flows that are failed.


I would suggest to at least added the following options in the Run History:

- Option to filter on a datetime interval (from datetime / to datetime) and make it possible to combine the datetime filters with the status filter

- Option to see a count of number of runs matching the filter. It's OK that all runs are not returned in the list initially as this could properly be a performance issue if your search filter returns thousands of runs.

- Give the user the option to click "Show all" as well as "Show more". The user could get a warning that the Show all option could take a long time before runs a loaded in the list

- Option to export all runs that matches the search filter to Excel (this would save the hastle of having to click Show all before clicking on export)

- Show more information in the coloumns returned in the run history. At least also show the error message for failed runs

Status: New