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Better management of the tests of the flow



The Test Flow feature is really awesome and useful to debug your flows.


I wish we could have 3 small new features:

  1. Be able to stop a previous runs: sometimes, it got stuck and it would be nice to be able to kill it
  2. Be able to name the runs: The test runs have just the status and date of previous execution. It would be nice to name them or put a little comment. Indeed, sometimes we test different conditions for verifying different branches. Being able to identify (i.e. differentiate) them would be nice 
  3. Keeping more test runs available: currently, we can only re-run one of the last 5 runs. This seems a little too few


A more complex feature would be to allow storing "test cases" with:

  • Test Ids
  • Triggers, inputs, and Expected results
  • Ability to check flow variables at a given moment (i.e. white box testing)
  • etc,


Thank you for the good work and letting us express our ideas!


Status: New