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Better reporting

Today, FLOW RUN history shows the last X number of workflows...but doesn't help me understand what object the workflow ran on.  For example, if my workflow runs on the list entitled My LIST everytime a list item is changed and I want to investigate all FLOWS run on the item entitled ITEM RRR...I cannot easily do that.  Instead I have to guess which FLOW RUNs were on ITEM RRR trying to associate the time I think the FLOW last ran on the item.  See below.



Flow Run History with more data.png























I think there is potential here for RUN history and reporting to get much more robust.  Hoping to see this in the near future. 




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I would love if you could build the same functionality that K2 workflows have of "folio". Basically to be able to set a "title" of each flow that run. So that we can build that name dynamically in the flow and not be hard coded into what the Flow dev team decides. This way we can add any identifier we need. For example: if the flow triggers on a SharePoint document getting created, we can set the 'Flow Title' to "23 - Document for Approval.docx". Or if the flow is routing expense approvals, we can set the 'Flow Title' to "112 - Lisas Expenses - July 2018". You can add a new action for "Set Flow Title".

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Agree with previous suggestion to be able to set "Flow Title".