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Bi-directional New/Update Zendesk Ticket with Visual Studio Online Work Item

Dear Team,


Zendesk ticket with Visual Studio Online work item is one of most expected flow by all the users. Please do consider one custom field mapping from both Zendesk and VSTS Online. If you guys do this, at least I can refer your URL to 87 other members is some community board. I can assure 100+ users in a week and 1000+ users in a month.




Status: New
Power Automate

Hi Suresh, we currently have support for Zendesk (creating and updating tickets) as well as VSTS online (creating and updating work items). Have you tried creating the flow you're talking about? If so, what didn't work? If you could clarify what you mean by "custom field mapping" with an example, then that would be very helpful.