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Big bug.



So if you create a task with power automate/microsoft flow, the members of the planner-group wont be notified. 




1. when a form is submitted, a task in planner is created and assigned to a person

2. when someone comment on that particular task the members WONT get any notification in their inbox even though that setting is checked under group settings - Send all group conversations and events to members inboxes


You have to comment three times for the comment to actually be send to the assignees inboxes. 


If you create a task by yourself, you'll automatically get two "comments" - "New task have been created by.." and "Task have been assigned to.."  these comments are not commented when you do this within microsoft flow so now we have to buy another system who does the exact same thing for loads of money for our service which of course sucks.

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To be clear, when power automate creates a task in Planner, only one comment is added to that task which is "New task have been created" but if you manually create a task and assign a person you'll get two comments, "New task have been created" and "Task have been assigned to" 



Helper I


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Have you assigned the Ticket to user/s ? 

Just to leg you know the comments are group conversations and they will only be sent to the users that are already part of the conversation which means they need to post a comment and from that point on the user is part and is informed via mail. You can’t even add users to the conversation on your own with an @ or something. This is totally clear because in every discussion there is a new group for the comments. This is not a bug it is how Microsoft behaves but hopefully they are working minimum on an @ feature. By the way there are a lot of tickets in here describing the same. What I did for our planner boards was to look up all the conversation threads and the change date and then put together a mail for every group that has changes on their boards so that they all know there might be something they could miss. This is a workaround but for us it is working for the moment. Let's hope for the big release in October.