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Bring Back Expression Colours!

Way back when, we had a fantastic feature of colour coded entities inside the expression builder. This was extremely useful when building expressions, especially longer and complicated ones. If you never saw this then it was like the colour coding that Excel gives you when writing a formula or like you have inside the expression builder of PowerApps.


Then one day the feature completely disappeared and now all we have is grey on grey. We've opened other community posts about this but no one seems to be able to provide any information about what happened.


Please bring our colours back!!


Also it would be really great if we could have an expanded expression builder view like we get in PowerApps, I'm a bit fed up of having to copy and paste sections of formulas between notepad and Flow.

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I would settle for the expression builder being pinned to the top of the window, so the builder could take up *almost* the entire width of the window, as it is in the canvas apps editor and Excel.

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@CoreySutton Totally with you. Someone needs to copy/paste the component from PowerApps to Flow