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CDS Delete Trigger

Currently the Delete Trigger only returns very limited (and not very useful) data on the record that was deleted - basically just the GUID of record.


This should be enhanced to return all field data in the payload so that this information can be used in downstream actions.


Technically speaking the trigger should have:

<X> Include Pre-Image

<X> Include Post-Image

Status: New
Solution Sage

Absolutely agreed! With only the Id of the deleted record, this action is basically useless. Many times I have wanted to update a single value on a Parent record when a Child record is deleted, but I need the Id from the lookup on the deleted child record to do this. At present, this is just not possible and we have to fall back to writing plugins to achieve something fairly trivial. By providing at least the ability to select which fields should be included in the data provided by the trigger, it will remove this reliance on plugins.

Advocate I

This functionality would also be great on Update trigger! Being able to compare the value on a field before update to the new value would allow for many clever and more efficient flows.

Resolver I

Please support this!

It is essential and has a lot of votes.

Advocate IV

+1 for the addition of "update" trigger (see above)


Not sure how useful this is going to be in the "async" scenario (which is what Flows are), though. It seems it really does help to have pre-image and post-image to do all sorts of validations and/or pre/post processing, but that's, likely, not going to be that simple with the flows in either case. Or is it doable?

Regular Visitor

the solution is to create a double database and update it with flows (if a row is added or updated).

then you can get all data with the delete trigger.

Regular Visitor

We shouldn't have to create and manage a separate db or list, or set up separate alerts, just for this.


I LOVE flow (compared to Workflows), but some of the hoops you have to jump through just to get what you'd think is basic information or functionality is just ridiculous. Even more so, the years it takes MS to address these issues, if at all. I feel like half the time MS does not user test much of anything - how else does something this useless get by and into production?


Sorry for ranting, and I really do think Flow is orders of magnitude better than Workflows, but it's still incredibly frustrating that this trigger has been available for ~5 years (I think) and it's still basically unusable.