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CDS new environment trigger event

Add an output to the CDS New Environment trigger so it returns a value in the output body with an indicator value of whether it was a create, update or delete.


So we don't have to do the steps I outlined in my blog post here:

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

There is a SdkMessage parameter in the Output body with the value 'Create', 'Update' or 'Delete' for the respective trigger.



@LinnZawWin however it isn't available as dynamic content and it can't be used in a switch case. It is not what is needed.

Kudo Kingpin

It'd be great if the PG team can include that as part of the Dynamic Content for the users to easily choose.

Before it has been implemented, we can use triggerOutputs()?['body']?['SdkMessage'] as a workaround solution and it can be used in Switch case too.