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Calendar Event - Missing field "Organizer"

Currently there is no way to findout who organized an event.

By MS Graph, you can see the "organizer"-Field, which should be included.


There are more information within the attendees, like type and status, which also may be interesting.

Sending a mail to all required attendees will also inform people which did not accept an event.




I´d like to change the event location to inform all accepted attendees.

The attendees won´t receive an update, if I´m not the organizer. The even would only be updated locally in my calendar.

In that case, I´d like to send a seperate email, to all attendees, with the new location information.


This Idea comes from a Question in the general topic.

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

love the idea - fully supportive - need the same for an EVENT AUTOMATOR series of flows

New Member

I am going through the same scenario, I need to assign a meeting organizer since I am developing a Flow for an internal iniciative, and after it is developed, I will have nothing to do with it, so I need to assign an organizer for a meeting