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Calendar Event - change organizer

I was able to figure out how to use a shared Email box to send email alerts from FLOW.  This way, I am not the sender of all SharePoint alerts 🙂


I am now trying to do the same thing with creating Outlook events.

My calendar is filling up with events I am not invited to, but I am the organizer thanks to FLOW... 

I need to be able to set the organizer at the time FLOW creates the event.


According to the FLOW Community support team:


"If you want to create a Outlook event from a Shared mailbox, I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently. Creating an Outlook event (using the "Create event (V2)" action) within Microsoft Flow is based on connections. In other words, if user A creates a connection to the "Create event (V2)" action, it will create an event in User A's Outlook calendar,  if user B creates a connection to the "Create event (V2)" action, it will create an event in User B's Outlook calendar.


There is no way to create a connection to the "Create event (V2)" action based on a Shared email address in Microsoft Flow currently. If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:"



Status: New
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We have triggered MS Flow when any event created in Sharepoint list.

We are using the Create Event Action of MS Flow for generating an event in Out Calendar event.

We are facing the same issue as there is no such option in MS Flow to change Organizer while Creating Event from Sharepoint event list.

Need property or field in Create Event Action in MS flow so we can dynamically update Event organizer based on Event creator.

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We're also running into this on our end. We built a PTO flow where they include the groups DL in their initial appointment/meeting and that triggers the flow to then send out individual meeting invites but with the Show as = "Free" and Responses requested = "No" to remove the additional touch point of them needing to send out a separate invite.


Using the group calendar makes it nice as it allows us to more easily review for resourcing amongst that team instead of looking at the individual calendars and removing the personal meetings.


(1) [Groups] When there is a new event

(2) [Outlook] Create event (V2)


I don't mind having my connection being used as the organizer since we can't send out via groups at the moment, but does anyone have a workaround for the issue that arises when they want to edit their listing?



  1. User A sends out a meeting for their PTO and includes the groups DL
  2. Groups calendar receives the event and triggers the flow
  3. Flow then sends out individual meeting requests to stakeholders with the modified meeting values (free & no response)
  4. User A then realizes they scheduled for the wrong day -- since they're not the organizer would the only option be to modify the listing on the group calendar itself meaning every stakeholder would need access to the groups calendar?
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I agree we need the ability to dynamics change the organizer within flow rather than wiring it to the creator of the flow.  It's not clear to me how this could be used in any production apps as most solutions will require 100's or even 1000's of meeting with many different organizers.  


I would also like to see the ability to create a native teams meeting.

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To organize an event in Outlook for Office365 with a different organizer then the flowexecuter (flowconnection) seems only possible if the flowexecuter is owner of the calender of the organizer.

So the organizer has to share his calender plus the flow executer has added the calender to his 'my calendars', then is is possible in flow to choose the Calender-id in order to organize an event from the other calendar. The initial owner of the calendar is then organisor and is able to send updates.