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Calendar ID: Show group and shared calendars in dropdown menu


I'm trying to create a flow with a group calendar trigger: when a new event is created in a group (or shared) calendar, then find calendar ID via 'get event v3' (or whatever else that could accomplish this) then create same event in Trello. (or some other end goal.)

There is no way  to see group calendars in 'Get event' or 'Get events'. My options are only Birthdays, Calendar, United States Holidays and Custom. I have admin privileges, and still only see these options.

I attempted to get calendar ID from Microsoft Graph, but that ID produces "ID Malformed error." I tested several different calendar IDs from our organisation that graph displayed, but I get the 'ID malformed' error each time.

Ideal solution would be to have all available calendars listed in the 'get event' drop-down, or a better way to get calendar ID that works with Flows.

Online forums have multiple questions on this calendar ID issue.

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I've just experienced the same problem and have resolved for a shared calendar scenario called "Bookings" ( I could not get it to work with a group mailbox).  For the shared calendar scenario:

- make sure your logged in acount has delegation rights to the shared mailbox

- from OWA > Calendar click on Add calendar and find the mailbox in the directory list.  Refresh the page and the calendar will now appear in OWA 


- in Power Automate, refresh the page and check the drop down in calendar ID field 





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thank you, @Still_Meg. This will be useful for a shared calendar flow.

We haven't been able to make it work in our instance, but we did use a workaround with "When there is a new event" trigger.

It doesn't do what we need it to, but it's better than nothing.