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Calendar Item Not Reflecting Regional Time Zone Setting in Sharepoint

I have a flow that creates an event on our Hub calendar when an event is created on an associated site's calendar. Both sites are set to Eastern Time in the regional settings. Events created on the associated site that have no specific start or end time (All Day Event box is checked) show up as starting at 7pm the previous day on the Hub calendar. All other events created on the associated site that are not All Day Events show up with an accurate time on the Hub Calendar. I have attempted to convert the time zone in the flow, but the results did not change. It seems that the Create Item connector doesn't populate the Start Time value and the End Time value in the classic calendar list in Power Automate even though the parameters are shown correctly in the Create Item connector. I have a workaround using a List and Calendar View, but it doesn't quite accomplish what I wanted. Please consider making a change so the connector actually populates those values.


Status: New