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Can't filter more then 1 column

Hey, I'm using on Power Automate and Excel Business for write my database and Develop my App on PowerApp, I'm try to filter a row by search data on 2 columns in the same row and my option there is only by filter on 1 column, for example:

I have User column and Password column and I want filter by both on Power Automate and I want to search if data exist on both in the same row

On key Column I have only 1 to choose

Please help

Status: New

It might be worth taking a look at using Office Scripts, specifically Office Scripts with Power AutomateWith Office Scripts you can use the 'Run Script' action to execute javascript against a workbook. This gives you more flexibility than using any of the other actions. Using Office Scripts, you can filter using not only multiple columns, but with any logic you want. If you wanted, you could even run whatever processing logic you want on the filtered data. If you don't have experience coding, Office Scripts can help generate a script by recording your actions via the Action Recorder.