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Cannot use EXCEL file ID on action Insert Row

Insert row can not be used with file ID. Get rows and other actions work fine.

Also, when EXCEL file is replaced,ID changes and flow don't recognise it anymore. The idea would

be to make ID dynamic , not static.




Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. What you are asking for is the ability to use an action with dynamic input but without selecting a particular file when you're designing the flow. We will evaluate this feature.

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This is sorely needed. +1 Vote

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Came here just to comment on how much this is needed!


I have tried to create about 4 or 5 flows this week all needing this exact feature to not be a pain to run. Flow without this feature is like deffering your work elsewhere. Most of the things this 'bug' is preventing me from doing is invalidating the usefulness of the flow all together.

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This is must have feature... any ETA please.???

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"List rows present in table" recent connector issues with file fields.


Some month back, I had used Sharepoint connector "when file is created or modified in folder" to trigger flow and then copy added / modified file from the Sharepoint to Onedrive for business, as "List rows present in table" connector was not able to read table data from excel directly from sahrepoint. However after copying Excel file (with table data) to ondrive for business was able to read table data by "List rows present in table". But currently from past 2 to 3 weeks same connector getting failed and error is showing 404


Can any one please guide me about recent change in "List rows present in table"?

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if this feature is not available then flow is soo cripled...

why on earth it has to be static ?

just another way to sell more ? Excel Pro Plus ultimate ?


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Hi  Stephen,


"List rows present in table" connector of Excel Online (Business)  was perfectly working by dynamic file name used from onedrive online business triggers like "When a file is modified" but now days non of Excel connectors accept dynamic file name and only excepts static file name and all we need is re ability to use dynamic file name.


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Can I upvote this a few hundred times? We have a ton of use cases for working with dynamically named Excel files. I currently need this to get around a limitation of the OneDrive file converter -- the formulas in my dynamically generated Excel files are blank when converted to PDF. I learned that by adding a table row the auto-calculate triggers, my formulas populate with values, and the PDFs look like they should. Tested on a named file and it worked, pushed to production and was shocked to learn that I can only use the file picker against a single named file! This limitation boggles the mind and goes against the entire purpose of Flow.

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@amitK , when I saw your comments, I finnally know why someone said onedrive works for dynamic names, it did work before. Unluckily, when I try it, it doesn't work. 


If the SharePoint can't be fixed shortly, I really want the onedrive to be working as before.

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I think I have got a solution (better I should say workaround) to provide the dynamic FileId of Excel file in the task.

Known Issues:

1. Currently, if you try to read excel data it won't work if you provide filename dynamically... you will have to provide FileId (this is different from the 'ID' in the Outputs{} and you wont be able to find the FileId in any type of Optput{} from any other connectors or tasks.

2. And, if you want to use for-each loop to iterate through a folder and provide the excel filename dynamically, it will give you some weird misleading error. 



This is a solution where my source is excel files at some Sharpoint location. You have to use individual trigger for each file to make it work. This means the LogicApps will execute individually for each file.

1. The trigger you should use is 'When a file is created or modified (properties only)'. Please note this is different from 'When a file is created or modified in a folder'.

2. Within this trigger's Output{}, you can find that FileId hidden somewhere inside the {Thumbnail}.{Large} or {Medium} or {Small} tags of the triggerBody(). I extracted it using the below dynamic content script and stored it into a variable. I am not sure if the below script will work in all scenarios but you should be able to edit your own version to extract that FileId from the above tags:


3. Use that variable in the File property of the Task to read the data from the trigger excel file.


I hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any further query or issue doing it... I will be most happy to help.



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An alternative way I found yesterday is using one drive business to read the content and update the content to an existing excel file in one drive. In this way, the file ID is not changed, read rows works fine. But you need two flow, one flow to update the content, and trigger the 2nd flow. In the 2nd flow to read the excel. Disadvantage is the 2nd flow which read the excel file will lock the file for less than 10 minutes. If you need to process high frenquence data, this alternative is not suitable for you.