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Cannot use EXCEL file ID on action Insert Row

Insert row can not be used with file ID. Get rows and other actions work fine.

Also, when EXCEL file is replaced,ID changes and flow don't recognise it anymore. The idea would

be to make ID dynamic , not static.




Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. What you are asking for is the ability to use an action with dynamic input but without selecting a particular file when you're designing the flow. We will evaluate this feature.

Level: Powered On



I have found solution to read dynamic excel file unique table data as mentioned in below link (at the end)

if you have any issues in updating dynamic excel file table data then let me know. (I will check on weekends)


Level: Powered On

Update a Row Dynamic Content - Hi All, If you also need dynamic content for the Update a Row Card Please Vote here -








Level: Powered On

This would be nice. I had exactly this problem. We have similar Excel files with different names in different folders. All of them have the same structure and same tables (same table header also of course).

But without being able to dynamically target the excel files, the workaround for having different excel files is very big. Every excel files has it's own editing actions in the flow.


Would be very good, to be able to dynamically target an Excel file. 

Excel actions should still maintain a excel file link as basis, so every user have to put in a link to one of the excel files with same structure. So, the excel action can still read the excel structure and show appropriate tables and fileds.

But beside the "base-excel" link there should be a "target-excel" link, which have to be a dynamical target (file path to a excel file).

The "base-excel" link is also important to run tests or when user so not want to use a specific "target-excel"-link, then the "base-excel"-link is used.