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Categorize/label an email in Outlook

It would be useful to add categories/labels to an email. Especially on incoming emails it would be useful, as we can then move it to a specific folder and search more easily. 

Status: New
New Member

This is my #1 feature request. I have this set up on my Outlook app, and I'm so surprised I can't replicate this in Flow! Now it matters where I check my email, not very "365". 😉

New Member

Me too!

New Member

Very much agree. I have Power Automate to save attachments to SharePoint. It would be nice if I could automate the full process by categorizing the emails appropriately before the emails are filed. I still have to set up Outlook rules. These have to be set up per user. Or I have to set them up in Exchange. Not very user friendly. 😞