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Change original owner of a flow



I have created a couple of flows under my own account, but I want to change it to a generic user in order to make sure that the flows keep running should my account be deleted one day.


I can add an owner to a flow, but behind the scenes I continue to be the original owner it seems. One example is that sending mails in a flow is done showing my name. The same goes for approval mails as part of the 'Start an approval' action.


It would be useful to have some kind of functionality to easily change the original owner of a flow.


Thanks and regards


Status: Planned

For the Flows that you create from the Solutions tab, it is already possible to change the owner. We will also add this functionality to flows on the My flows tab.

Regular Visitor

Any ETA on when this feature will be available in My Flows / Team Flows?


Hi @Stephen 

When will this feature be implemented?
It is necessary to manage many apps as an administrator.


New Member

That's great that an improvement is planned for the My Flows tab.  I'd like to see the same done for the Team Flows tab.

Regular Visitor

Does anyone know where this request might be at present? It has been "planned" for a while. 

Advocate I

This appears to be possible right now. The issue described in the original post sounds like there is still a connection using their account (changing owners doesn't change the connections, e.g. the account used to send an email).