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Change original owner of a flow



I have created a couple of flows under my own account, but I want to change it to a generic user in order to make sure that the flows keep running should my account be deleted one day.


I can add an owner to a flow, but behind the scenes I continue to be the original owner it seems. One example is that sending mails in a flow is done showing my name. The same goes for approval mails as part of the 'Start an approval' action.


It would be useful to have some kind of functionality to easily change the original owner of a flow.


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Status: Planned

For the Flows that you create from the Solutions tab, it is already possible to change the owner. We will also add this functionality to flows on the My flows tab.

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Yes, this would be useful, But I wouldn't need this. But anyways, I'm voting for other people.

Like, what if you got locked out of your main microsoft account, and you need to edit a flow,  you could request to be the main owner, and the email linked with your main microsoft account would get a email that allows you to press a button to give you main ownership! Now that you have ownership back, you can break the flow to do nothing!

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wouldnt it be better to assign the flow to a group instead of a user when its shared? so when the flow is created as a team or is updated to multiple owners its assigned a security group of the same level as the user and its this security group that becomes the owner, this way it will always exist unless the group is removed and then the 365 admin can assign users / owners accordingly.

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While creating the flow, flow automatically takes the logged in user. There should be an option to use a service account or equivalent. Because the users kee moving across companies, so what happens when the user move out of the organization and accounts gets disabled/removed?


I have been unssuccessful in changing the from email address of send email action too. If i try to use a different email id, the flow never completes. 


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This would sure be nice. I developed an intricate flow and then my company decided to federate our tenant with our AD using a 3rd party solution. Now that flow is locked to my previous user ID and I'm worried that removing the license from the user account it's associated with will destroy the flow. I tried exporting it but keep getting an odd error message about permissions and it's way out of my knowledge range at this point, so I'm kind of stuck.
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Before I logged this idea I created a topic/discussion on the same topic. The current solution of changing the owner of a flow is exporting the flow from one account and exporting it into the new one. This is the link on how to do this:

Export and import your flows across environments with packaging


However you need to take following things into account as well:


- All connectors that are used in the flows you want to import into the new account need to be activated  before you can import a flow. If you do not do that you simply get stuck in the import process. Since I did not find a view in Flow in which I could activate the connectors I started the PowerApps application, clicked on the option connections in the left hand side panel and added all the connections by clicking on the big button New Connection on the right hand side of the next screen. I just activated all connections I had in the original account (easily recognisable by their icons)


- You need to make sure that your new account has access to all applications the flows connect to. By that I mean that you need to make sure thath the account is member of team sites where Sharepoint lists can be found that are used in flows or that the account has a Plan1 license for Salesforce connectors for example. If you forget to do this the import of the flows will not work either.