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Change sender of Flow Approvals

We need an option to change the sender address of the Flow approval emails. These are currently always sent from "" and this cannot be changed. 


"Email with options" is not an option as we need the functionality of tasks, reassign, etc.

Approvals without sending the standard email is no workaround as we lose the functionality of easy approvals via email with buttons on the smartphone.


A field to define the sender adress is required for the approvals like it is in the step "send mail from a shared mailbox".

Status: New

hopefully we will see it in future

Regular Visitor

How is this not implemented yet?  2 years later????!!!!

Regular Visitor

¿Seriously? two years and same issue?

New Member

It's very sad. Even in the case of paid "Premier" support, you have practically no chance to influence anything. This has been a trend for Microsoft for the past few years.

New Member

Can we please get a comment on what is anything is being done about this? I also need to be able to specify different ownership (or sender) account on an approval notification.  Cant it be something like the title of the workflow? That would work. Something other than me, or from Power Automate. Whats going on? is there a solution?  I see this was posted years ago so there must be something done after all this time.