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Change sender of Flow Approvals

We need an option to change the sender address of the Flow approval emails. These are currently always sent from "" and this cannot be changed. 


"Email with options" is not an option as we need the functionality of tasks, reassign, etc.

Approvals without sending the standard email is no workaround as we lose the functionality of easy approvals via email with buttons on the smartphone.


A field to define the sender adress is required for the approvals like it is in the step "send mail from a shared mailbox".

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Yes this is urgently required as the business users do not want to see it's from "Microsoft Flow". Any updates?

This should definitely be configurable.



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completely agree. Especially as there might be different processes that issue such approvals actions so to change the sender is absolutely helpful. 

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I too would greatly appreciate this. Approvals are wonderful, but as I demo'd them to users they immediately asked to configure the approval email so it looks like it actually belongs to our company. Let the approvals be more user tailored please!

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Anyone have any updates on this?

Getting an email from "Flow" is not ideal or acceptable as a business solution.


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Many flow approvals are being ignored because the from address is external.  It is a must to have the from address be changed manually!!!!!!!!