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Change sender of Flow Approvals

We need an option to change the sender address of the Flow approval emails. These are currently always sent from "" and this cannot be changed. 


"Email with options" is not an option as we need the functionality of tasks, reassign, etc.

Approvals without sending the standard email is no workaround as we lose the functionality of easy approvals via email with buttons on the smartphone.


A field to define the sender adress is required for the approvals like it is in the step "send mail from a shared mailbox".

Status: New

hopefully we will see it in future

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Users above listed all the challenges we are having now.  Imaging this:

You have a flow build for funding approval that will go up to the chain of command.

Bob is asking for $2mil fund to start his critical project for the company.

The flow goes on and send an email to CFO and corporate controller from a [Microsoft] email address;

when those C level officers (CEO, CIO, CFO, CxO... etc.) see that and found out someone is asking for $2mil funding.


Guess what will they do? DELETE the emails!!  The C level officers are trained very well not to open any possible phishing emails and delete them right away.


Now Bob is trying his best not to cry and call every approvers explain why the approval requests were sent from Microsoft; and, of course, who Bob is going to call next and yell at?  The IT department...


Please allow us to configure the Flow Approval send from, no more nor


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7/29/21 - 


Agreed, we need the ability where emails generated by an Approval can be changed from being sent by "Microsoft Flow" ( to instead being sent from a specific user. 


In current state, this is causing approvals to appear as coming from EXTERNAL in Outlook and thus filtering the emails to different queues / folders. Whereas, if we could set it from a specific internal user, this would not be an issue and the approvers would know specifically who is sending them the approval request.


Considering we currently have the ability in the "Send an email (V2)" feature in PowerAutomate to choose "From, To, CC, BCC, etc", I'm curious as to why this hasn't been implemented for Approvals.


Any updates on when this change can be implemented for Approvals?

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Just echoing what others have said above.  I've been an Information Security Practitioner for almost 20 years.  Badly configured emails greatly confuse an employee base that has been painstakingly trained to avoid unusual or unknown, outside email addresses asking them to take some action.  This is a desired training outcome and not something for which we want to create numerous exceptions.  Microsoft has to get better at being security aware as they design and deploy their products.  

Please provide a method to change this email address as soon as is possible.  This will be greatly appreciated by your customers.  Thank you.


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Yes, this is needed desperately!

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Status changed to: New

hopefully we will see it in future

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Please add a function to change the MS PowerAutomate automatic E-Mail for approvals! None of the Users in the company feel comfortable receiving this E-Mail without the name of a User. ALso changing the buttons of approve or reject to other terms "ja" or "no".

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Being able to specify a sent from email e.g. or a specific email so that users can distinguish the where different approval requests have come from is crucial. Please add this functionality.



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I hope that Microsoft is working on this. 


We are experiencing the same issue. Users are getting confused and suspecting these approval emails as phishing attempts. We need to be able to change the from address ( to our standard noreply address within the organization.