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Change the FROM display name when sending email notifications

Previously in SharePoint Designer when an email was sent out, it was from and the FROM display name would be the site name. In MS Flow there is an option called 'Send an email notification' that is from with the Display Name 'Microsoft PowerApps and Flow'.


What I would like to be able to do is set / change the Display Name to something more user friendly in each instance of that function being used i.e. the site name from which the email is in reference too. 


When I get an email with the display name Micosoft PowerApps and Flow, It looks like an email about new features until it is opened. 

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Did you find a solution I want to do the same but I couldn't? 

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i have this same requiremnt. The solution i came up with was to create an azure function and use SendGrid to send an email.  Call the azure function from Flow and pass the from email address (can be a dl, group, or whatever user you wish), from name, cc, subject, body etc...


Once you set it up, its re-useable in all your flow solutions.

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Why do you need an Azure function? You can use "Send an email (V2)" action and  populate the "From (Send as)" field there.

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@VictorIvanidze ,


Because we are sending on behalf of Distribution List.  That does not work with the Send an Email (v2).



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Hi @dbro


in fact it can send as distribution list. Create a string variable named SendAsAddress and place there Place this variable to the From: field.




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@VictorIvanidze ,


Thanks for pointing this out!  Oddly, it tried this a couple of months ago, and was getting an error. It's entirely possible that my flow was giving me an error or I did not wait long enough before granting send on behalf of DL permission.  Appreciate you taking the time to let me know about this.


I still like the idea of using SendGrid for sending emails from Power Automate as it gives the SharePoint Admins visibility into successful sends, deliveries, email opens, categorization and other very useful metrics.