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Change the Requester for approvals

I have a flow that I created and shared with others. This flow monitors a generic email and sends an approval when an email comes in. The approval email says I am the one requesting approval. I would like to change that to show the generic email is requesting approval. 


UPDATE: I see you can now change the Requestor, but the "Created by" still shows with my name, and that cannot be changed.

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New Member

yes please. make it changeable.



Regular Visitor

Please! proceed with this improvement.

Notifications looks unprofessional with  the name of someone else not related during the process flow .


Thank you


Frequent Visitor

no acknowledgement from staff? 😞


or maybe make it look less obvious or relocate it at the bottom??

Kudo Commander

This issue seems like it could be a quick fix and it has very many votes!


Approvals are often initiated by flows designed by IT staff, why would we want the maker's email to be shown on the approval, makes no sense 😞

Advocate II

Although it might sounds as a easy change, it isn't. It has technical implications, as the approval email contains an adaptive card, and Outlook actionable messages (adaptive cards) have security measures to prevent misuse, so having Power Platform impersonating someone with an interactive email (with code), it could have potential security risks.


Perhaps we won't see this feature implemented.

Kudo Commander

@MarioContreras : I understand those security implications and the complexity of dealing with those. However, many if not most users would be satisfied with the ability to simply hide the "Created By" line from the approval email/Teams card...


This is evidenced in the update provided in the idea body text:

UPDATE: I see you can now change the Requestor, but the "Created by" still shows with my name, and that cannot be changed.

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Totally agree with @CharlesS ; the technicalities are no excuse for a poor and confusing user interface.

New Member

Tired of waiting for this bug fix.  Is there another app we can use?

New Member

Not sure anyone know if this fix / improvement have any progress? I am able to add a requestor in approval flow, but it will get with error due to the same person might have 2 ID in the AAD. And now, i have to remove the requester and every time the approval request come through and it will show my name as i create the flow which look no sense.

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This needs attention..  Should be an easy fix