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Change the Requester for approvals

I have a flow that I created and shared with others. This flow monitors a generic email and sends an approval when an email comes in. The approval email says I am the one requesting approval. I would like to change that to show the generic email is requesting approval. 


UPDATE: I see you can now change the Requestor, but the "Created by" still shows with my name, and that cannot be changed.

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It makes no sense that this cannot be removed, after two years of requests.  I'm going to have to build all of my approval flows in PowerApps because of this - the approval flows in Flow are useless as long as this is present.

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I can't believe that this still hasn't been fixed. Come on Microsoft, pull your finger out.

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Please add the setting for hide/show "Created By" for approval action.


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Yes! Please remove or allow for "Requested by" to be editable.  

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Please remove the created by and requested by.

This is very annoying and not only for me.


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Hello MS Team, l

You guys have built an awesome product that helps us to work on cool stuff with zero coding. But as you can see there are several folks having the same issue (needless to say exposing the pitfall to more people including higher ups). Please consider this as a critical one and take up at the earliest.

Thanks !

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Microsoft, please address this issue.


Approval flows are usually made for use company-wide and the flow creator/owner wouldn't want their names and emails to appear everywhere. It's nonsense.


This idea has been requested since late 2018 and now it's 2021, still nothing.

Please remove the "Created by" line !!!

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Please take care of this problem Microsoft.


We want to start using approval flows in our company. Only thing what holds us off is this issue!


Please remove or allow for "Requested by" to be editable. 

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Please fix

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I go to Approvals in Teams and it shows Requested by (MY NAME!)  Who is to know if it is Jane Doe or John Doe who created the Approval for something as simple as a Time Off Request?  Everyone see's MY name, the ADMINISTRATOR!  Not helpful.  "Oh can you tell me if the workflow worked for James Dean?"  WHO?  How do I find it if Requested By is MY NAME!?