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Change the Requester for approvals

I have a flow that I created and shared with others. This flow monitors a generic email and sends an approval when an email comes in. The approval email says I am the one requesting approval. I would like to change that to show the generic email is requesting approval. 


UPDATE: I see you can now change the Requestor, but the "Created by" still shows with my name, and that cannot be changed.

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I'm having the same issue. underneath of "Requested For" , the line named "created by " shows the name of developer. we need to remove it

Regular Visitor

Just started to use Flow for document approvals. Seems utterly bonkers that notifications would state the Flow owners name rather than the name of the person submitting the requests. Bad design, change needed asap!

New Member

Totally agree. My management is always confused as they think I am the only one submitting items for approval.  Come on Microsoft, Let the flow orginate from the actual requestor not the flow creator. 


Please put this on the top of your list!



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Same Issue on our end as well. Please remove the Requested by, instead of flow creator let us configure.




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Do Microsoft even read these requests? The issue is going back over a year and is not a ground breaking fix. All we need is for the "Requested By" field to be removed or customizable using dynamic content like anything else in a Flow.

Helper I

This would be a very welcome fix. Please make it happen!

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Agreed. We in IT know we created the flow. That has no bearing on the approval. It always leads to confusing the people who are receiving the request. Please fix this.

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I agree - I don't need my picture all over the requests forms that are being sent out. Plus, it is confusing to the people who are receiving the approval requests.

New Member

I strongly agree. please remove the 'Requested by' ASAP.

Helper V

I agree, very confusing for operations that they will see the name of an employee from IT.  Makes it sound like someone else requested the flow.  Hiding this would be a very simple option for Microsoft yet a year later they have not even responded.