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Change the trigger

As far as I can tell, it isn't possible to change the Trigger step for a different Trigger.

Often we build a flow, then find the intial condition isn't correct (we need a SharePoint created or modified, not just created, for example. Or we need to switch a flow from SharePoint to OneDrive.) If it's a sophisticated Flow then rebulding it from the top is incredibly tedious and prone to mistakes.


So please provide a mechanism to chage the trigger condition in the flow for a completly different trigger condition. 

Status: Planned

Today it is possible but you first have to remove the uses of the outputs of the trigger. At that point you can remove the trigger and add a new one. This is required because if you have actions that depdend on specific fields from the trigger outputs you need to find all of those locations and point them at the new trigger outputs fields once available. 

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I'm surprised this doesn't have more votes. Maybe there was another version of it somewhere I couldn't see? This would be incredibly useful. I recently attempted to change a few Flows from being SharePoint item created to being created or modified, or between the different versions that return different properties. I end up having to rebuild the entire Flow.


I know it's not quite as easy as it sounds since you would have to make sure later steps don't require something from the trigger which is now gone, but it shouldn't be that bad to show any errors it creates.


Multiple triggers could also be helpful in some circumstances, so we could say that we want it to run on newly created items or the new manually triggered from SharePoint. Compare to SharePoint Designer where it's so easy to change those three checkboxes.

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I totally agree. I am also looking for a way to update the information of a task

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i managed to change triggers e.g. from “when a new email arrives” to “schedule”. Key is to remove any dependencies in subsequent actions. 

Like ID etc.


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It is possible to remove the trigger and change it to something else as long as you do not have any output content coming from the trigger referenced in the subsequent steps.

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I am surprised that Microsoft did not think about this when creating/designing Flow.
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Please do this. I just ran into this dilema. Thanks

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yes, this functionality is required, Please do this functionality.

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Long overdue.  PLEASE add this.  This is one of the most FRUSTRATING THINGS about Flow...  a MAJOR pain.

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This functionality already exists! You have to make sure that no other action has dependencies on the trigger. Once dependencies are removed, you can delete the trigger and select a new one.


My suggestion, and I do this for all my workflows, is to never reference the trigger throughout your workflow except for action #2. For example, the trigger is #1 and my action #2 for every workflow is usually a Get Item Details type of action, where every action after references that Get Item Details. This way if I need to change the trigger, I can simply remove the reference to the trigger from this action, and replace it without having to touch a hundred other actions.

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It's great that this capability (change the trigger) has been added. It's as simple (now) as deleting the existing trigger and adding a new one. MS should have done more to advertise this fact - like actually telling anyone. But I, for one, am very pleased that we can do it now.