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Changing the delimiter in Create CSV

Option to modify the delimiter while creating a CSV file

Status: New
Advocate I

This is needed.

Frequent Visitor

How is this not a feature yet? How does it only have 8 votes? Is there another Idea I'm not finding?

I've seen lots of threads around asking for this, and another batch of multiple threads just trying to come up with a workaround (mostly unsuccessfully).


Please, get this somewhere, this should've been in the Create CSV on launch day.

Advocate I

@nihkel - This is how I worked around it.  It's a bit of hackery using replace functions.

Frequent Visitor

@rcdf Thanks for the suggestion!

I was thinking o a similar way in order to use ';' as delimiter, but I'll make sure to give your approach a try.

I appreciate the help 🙂