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Changing the delimiter in Create CSV

Option to modify the delimiter while creating a CSV file

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This is needed.

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How is this not a feature yet? How does it only have 8 votes? Is there another Idea I'm not finding?

I've seen lots of threads around asking for this, and another batch of multiple threads just trying to come up with a workaround (mostly unsuccessfully).


Please, get this somewhere, this should've been in the Create CSV on launch day.

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@nihkel - This is how I worked around it.  It's a bit of hackery using replace functions.

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@Anonymous Thanks for the suggestion!

I was thinking o a similar way in order to use ';' as delimiter, but I'll make sure to give your approach a try.

I appreciate the help 🙂


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If you intend to do this with the data contained in a SharePoint List, you could :
1) Get your elements with the SP connector;

2) Initialize a string variable with the columns names you would like, e.g. "name;surname;email" and by hitting enter to add a carriage return;

3) Use "Apply to each" on the value element returned by the SP Get elements block;

4) In the apply to each loop, use an "Add to string variable", where the content would be the dynamic fields extracted from SP, separated with ";" and with a carriage return at the end of the line (hit enter)


Then you can add your string variable as the content of an attachment for instance.

Hope this helps !

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Hi there,

just for future reference in case someone needs it.


This was my final approach to this, and it does serve my original purpose of picking the separator I want for the CSV output.


Thank you all for the help and suggestions, you rock!