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Checking if SharePoint file exists or Create with Overwrite flag

I'd create a file with particular name or update it if such file exists already. Unfortunatelly I haven't found any way to check whether file exists or not, nor create it with ovewrite flag set to true.

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I'm surprised this hasn't been upvoted more. Is there a solution for this that I haven't found?

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Need same functionality for Items in SharePoint list.

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Same here, today workaround is to use getitems with OData filter and then use check with formula empty(body('get_items')?['value']). One caveeat is that Get items action has to timeout after 4 attempts to continue checking.


Alternative is to get all items and filter them or check if item exists.



I've implemented a file exist as a workaround using the get file content by path action. And then make the next step just run on failure of this check. I will create a blog post on this.


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Lets not forget folders. I know folders are 'old school' and unpopular these days, but they still have a use out here in the real world. I looked at my Windows directory the other day, theres fricken folders everywhere!

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Great Idé!

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My flow stops in case someone renames a file and it cannot be found, an "on error resume next" block could also work for me in order to ignore this...


Found a way for "on error resume next", if you set "configure run after" to run after failure, but unfortunately the workflow is then being reported as "failed"