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Cherwell Service Management support


It would be really cool if Flow could support Cherwell Service Management. I'd personally be interested in the following capabilities:
1. Ability to react on new tickets getting assigned to me
2. Ability to interact with tickets, i.e. adding notes, place on hold, redirect to other queues, tag them as resolved, etc.



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Adding connectors, Flow and PowerApps to Cherwell is a wonderful idea.  Our company just started implementing Cherwell so I'm sure we could find use for it.

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Flow connector to Cherwell will be very helpful.

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Please get this added!

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This would be IDEAL.  I am looking at a barcoding solution made with Powerapp and sync to Cherwell for updating found CI information.


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Hi team,


I am a freelance person for Cherwell with commited date and time.

Mostly I am supporting for American based companies.

If anyone interested please reach




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Yes please, would be very useful