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Clear Notifications



I want to clear Notifications after checking these notifications.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: Completed

This idea is now completed, you can read more here:

Regular Visitor
Could archiving of Flows be possible when this feature is added?
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It's been months. When can we expect this to be implemented?

Advocate II

Thank you @Stephen.

I hope this function will be implemented soon.

Please let me know if you know when it will bel implemented.

Advocate I

Has this been added yet? A simple dismiss or remove button once the notification has been dealt with would be appreciated.

Frequent Visitor

Seriously?  This issue is almost two years old.

Once you get a single failure notificaiton, it continues to show as a alert with NO way to clear it?  Has no one at Microsoft ever had a failed flow to see how annoying this is?


Does the notification eventually expire?

Memorable Member

Thank you for the status PLANNED 

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This is a must-have feature.

Please add me to the list of people anxiously waiting for its implementation.

Kudo Commander

Still waiting for this. Why is this so hard to implement?

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Agree - please remove notifications once read.

New Member

Let me understand.  You have created an app that will signal an alert (great idea) but have not yet figured out how to turn the alert off?  Is there a remedial class somewhere on the Microsoft campus that will be helpful?