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Combine various Power Automate into a Project

We have 20+ Power Automate (flow) connected with buttons in a Power App. It will be great if Power Automate has a concept of a project to group them. A power app is self-contained where you can change connections to be shared by all screens. However, for different power automate triggered from a Power App, it is difficult to manage as each one stands alone.

For example, we want to change the database connection in all the related Power Automate to a different database. Then, we have to open each one and investigate all the steps to find the SQL connections to make a change. It would be much better if there is a project concept so we can change the connection more easily to ensure that we do not miss any.

In another example, as people who built the power automate leave before they share the flow, the next person may have to recreate the flow from scratch because the person who left forgot to share that flow.

In the third example, we have Power Automate triggered from different Power App in a team concept. Good luck to differentiate them without asking the team to start using PowerAppName as the prefix. We learned this just now, so the names look very awkward with some do not have PowerAppName and some have. If we have a project concept, this will be much easier. If you ask me what if a power automate is shared by different power App, then we can put that Power Automate into Common or Utility type of project, or it does not need to belong to a single project but can still be accessible.

In summary, please make it easier to have a project concept for Power Automate to change connection and to share or reassign. In addition, having a project concept can better align power automate with the Power App.

Status: New