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Combining PDF files in Flow via portion of file name

It would be a huge step if the ability to automate combining PDF files in Flow was available.  See below for the gist of the idea:

I am trying to build a flow to combine pdf files into one document based on a portion of the file name.  


For instance we produce an invoice labeled Invoice_12345  

We have back up documents that need to go out with it named bol_12345

Instead of manually combining each one I am hoping to automate that process.  I have two Flows set up to move the files into SharePoint into separate folders and am stuck on the next step of the workflow I have in mind.  I am hoping to trigger this off of creation of a new file in one folder and compare it to files in the other folder.

Status: New
Advocate II

I'd like this feature as well! 


I know there are some 3rd party integrations that provide this functionality, but my organization will not allow any non-MS functions without significant security review.


Having this ability would make it much easier to manage printing combined long documents. Even a simple concatenation of PDFs with no other reformatting functionality would be a big win.


(I realize you can sync and then print multiple PDFs at once in Windows Explorer, but this loses the ability to manage the printing settings.)