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Comment out items

I would really like to comment out certain items when I test a Flow, instead of having to copy - delete - paste. 

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Is there any update on this? Still not seeing the option, and it's a kinda base-level programming requirement to be able to temporarily comment-out (disable) parts of code for testing, etc.


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No, I dont think so @Joelsmith1M... I totally agree with you. 

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This would be super useful, for example I'm working with a Flow atm that connects with QNA Maker, would be nice to comment out the email it sends at the end of the process until we're ready for this to be live in front of customers

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@nathanrose Not ideal, but what I did for similar situation was hard-code an email or use a "test-list" if I'm pulling data and piping it in until forced to take it live.

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