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Common Connection Management UI

Used flow for the first time to connect an event from SharePoint Online to an On-Premise SharePoint 2016 instance. I set the connections up on the fly while using Flow and the workflow ran without any errors. I started creating a new flow to test another piece of functionality out and when selecting the data connections I noticed that both of my SharePoint connections were named the same thing and I couldn't tell which was which. So I go to the connections settings and have a look at what I can do. I was able to check the info and delete connections, but not edit them.


I was able to swap over to PowerApps and edit my data connections and then rename them so that I could tell them apart. Not sure if if the connections area is close to being a finished product in Flow - but it would be nice to have a common UI so that editing connections in Flow, PowerApps, BI, etc. would have a common UI so you have the same functions across all the products.

Status: New