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Compose: use join to combine array of strings to single string

The new Compose Action is an enormously helpful addition to Flow!


I notice that Compose on the [value] dynamic content from a Get Multiple Action (Get Rows, Get Records, etc) will give me a string with the entire array. Unfortunately, this string doesn't have any formatting.


So then I use Compose within a loop on the output from Get Multiple to make an array of nicely formatted strings.


[Output] of Compose in a loop is an array, but a Compose with [Output] forces me into a forEach loop.


What I'm asking for as a feature is for Compose to treat an array of objects generated by Flow the same as json array of objects generated by an Action.


Even better would be more collection and string functions in the Workflow Definition Language like a @join(arrayInput, "joinToken") function

Status: New

New feature released this week to address this! The join data operation action