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Condition for 3 or more values.

I want to use 3 or more values for condition.


Example scenarios:

  "Send approval email" with options 'approve, deny, need to meeting'.


Now, I need to nested condition.

if else if else ...


I hope "switch" condition.

switch values

when 1 then ...

when 2 then ...

when 3 then ...

else ...



Yoshihiro Kawabata.

Status: Completed

We have added Switch case today. Read more here:

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

We have added Switch case today. Read more here:

Memorable Member

Hi @Stephen, Thank you for adding "Switch Case" card.


Now, I create a flows using Switch Case cards.


my 1st flow is for forwarding a mail from customers to each owner by contact.

1. Trigger - When a new mail is arrived

2. Action - Send a approval email,

  User options: dev team, sales team, marketing team

3. Switch Case by SelectedOption

4. Case - Send an mail, to each owner


Issue: Case name cannot rename.

After Case name rename, and fix, Case name became originam name.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


Power Automate



I was not able to reproduce this error. You are specifically renaming the case (the white box right?)



This is after saving and reloading the designer? Thanks for your help!

Memorable Member

Hi @Stephen , Thank you for check this issue.


Fixed - Today create Switch Case, I can rename the Case.

Not Fixed - Few day ago's Switch Case, I cannot remae the Case.


So, this issue Fix.


I will re-create Switch Case in my flows.


Best Regards,

Yoshihiro Kawaata