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Configure Run After after parallel actions: option of OR instead of AND

Configure Run After is unwieldy when one action is placed after parallel actions.

For example, if one branch is configured to run after the parent action fails, and the other branch configured to run when the action succeeds, only up to one branch will be successful at any time. 

This means that when I run a single action after parallel actions (i.e. 'combine the branches'), the conditions to run this action are never satisfied.
An attempt at visual representation (sorry if some of the spaces are cut out, they shouldn't be):

                           Action 1  

     ;                                                       |
    \;/ (run after failed)                         \|/

Action 2                                          Action 3  
               _________Action 4___________[...]
              | Action 2           Succeeded|
              | Succeeded      ☐  Failed         |

              | Action 3          ☐ Skipped      | 
              | Succeeded      ☐  Timed out  |
The problem is Action 2 AND Action3 must succeed in order for Action 4 to run, but it would be nice to have the OR option, that way if any successful branch reaches the action, then the action will run.


Status: New