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Connect Flow with Google Maps or similar geo service

It would be super fun to be able to use google maps in a flow.

The idea is something like:

Press Button -> lookup current location -> calculate route to pre-assigned(in the flow) location e.g. work or even better, look up events in the calendar and use that location
-> give back estimated time and if it is a calendar event, the subject e.g. customer event
-> write Mail or similar to the team manager


I really hope this is possible. That would be super cool ;).

Status: New
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I want to get address information from longtitue/latitude by Google Maps Geocoding API in Japanese.


Google Maps Geocoding API:







Yoshihiro Kawabata

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Example scenario of using Microsoft Flow with Google Maps Geocoding API by Jussi Roine / Petri.


Blog "Building a Location Beacon Using Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and Azure Functions"



Yoshihiro Kawabata