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Connect to UiPath RPA Tool



I had a chance to work on this powerful Robotic Process Automation Tool - UiPath. There can be a bunch of use cases to interconnect with multiple other connections that Flow already supports and increase the scope of automation with the UiPath RPA tool connector on flow. Here is a link to the UiPath RPA Orchestrator API reference



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Hi, I have checked and tried many time but i am unable to connect it seems like your post just telling how to connect uipath cloud orchestrator. As i am trying to connect with  ON - PREMISE uipath orchestrator and its not working at all. I cant connect to orchestrator.


Please Help

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Hi Daljit,


You are correct. PowerAutomate is a Microsoft service that runs on cloud. 

In order to communicate with UiPath Orchestrator via API, it has to be accessible publicly, either on cloud or on-prem but setup with public facing SSL certificates. 

Your on-prem orchestrator needs to be publicly accessible. Did you install with SSL certificate from authorised parties such as GoDaddy, NetRegistry, etc..?

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@Anonymous Thank you for your quick reply. No, i do not haqve SSL yet. I request for it first and then will try again

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Hi Guys,


I have tried creating custom connector to use UiPath Orchestrator API's from MS Flow.

In my case Orchestrator is hosted on-premise. So i have installed and configured "on-premise gateway" in the server where we hosted Orchestrator.

Using this gateway i could successfully create connector with one action - Get Token or get access token which is working fine.

Now i want to create another action to start the job. So i have to provide "Authorization" as one of the header to make api call authorized. However, its not allowing to use the Authorization keyword.


Also, in the security tab there is no "API Key" Authentication type available. 

If anyone has any idea on this kindly suggest. 


Thanks in advance.

Cheers 🙂


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Hi @Anonymous i’m working on the same thing right now and i used this to create the custom connector but i can’t get authentication token only the 403 error. Wanna set up a call and share notes ? Thx

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Hi Cristian, let me know your free time. We can have a quick check on it. Thanks

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@Anonymous is it possible if you share details on your ms connector with screenshot and same i will try to apply at myside hope that will work. 


Thank you

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@Anonymous Would it be possible to share how you created your custom connector for Uipath on-premise Orchestrator authentication? Thanks.